Start My Norton Product : Once the installation of Norton product, you maybe require to start Norton product to inspect the security level of the product or to finish a job. You can launch a Norton product by either one of the following procedures. If it require any assistance in starting your Norton product then you can contact Norton Internet Security Support or you can read the following simple instructions.

Below are two methods through which you can start your Norton product.

Launch from MS Windows start menu
Launch from the system tray icon

Launch your Norton product from the start menu in MS Windows

According to the version of MS Windows installed in your computer, perform one of the following methods:

For MS Windows 7: Click on all programs by clicking at the start button.
For MS Windows 8.1 and10: First you need to click at the start button, and then click on All Apps or Apps.
Also click in the Norton product folder, and after that click on product icon.

Start your Norton product from the icon in the system tray.

If your Norton product is installed correctly on your PC, it shows an icon in the system tray of MS Windows. If you do not view that icon, it may have been invisible. You need to click on the arrow button to see the invisible icons in system tray.

For the activation of Norton products on your PC, find the Norton product activation key, write down the product key, and then click on the “Activate Now” button and follow the onscreen steps given.

Once you find the product key, then install the Norton product on your PC, and launch it and click on done to finish the activation process. If you still face any type of difficulty then contact Norton Technical Support Number 18002430051.

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